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Atik Bhakta





Meaningful Topics I learned in CISB 11


††††††††††† This semester in CISB 11 I have managed to learn a lot of new things that I did not even know of before. This class has really opened my eyes towards computers and what they are capable of doing. The many things I have learned include the importance of internet security, the convenience of online shopping, harmful effects of biometric access, and also how to create web pages.

††††††††††† Today, internet security is something of grave importance. With identity theft and such on a constant rise it is important to make sure you are secure while browsing online. It is meaningful to me that internet security is kept because I do not want to be harmed in the future because of some actions on the internet. I want a privacy on the internet and in order to have it I must always keep safety in mind. Currently, I need to be secure on the internet because when I buy something or do anything I donít want other people tracking me and getting a hold of my daily activities. In order to do this, I must make sure that my activities are not being tracked by a key logger or such. Thus, it is important to maintain security while browsing the internet.

††††††††††† Online shopping has grown a lot since its start. Millions of people now shop online for things they need; items ranging from books all the way to television sets can be bought online without having to pay any additional cost. Online shopping allows me to buy books and other supplies I find useful for school. It is the main reason I do shop online. I am usually able to find used items online for a fraction of the cost of a regular item and this is extremely convenient for me with this economic recession going on.

††††††††††† Another thing I learned is that Biometric access is now become more popular within companies. When a transaction is made, companies and others using biometric access, can see private and personal information. I have learned that this is extremely dangerous as there is a risk of that information being stolen and being put into the wrong hands. Because of this information I have learned, I have become weary of using credit cards and pay for all my transactions in cash to limit the chances of my information going out to the public.

††††††††††† Lastly, one of the most important things I learned was how to create a web page. With the help of certain tools such as Kompozer I am able to turn documents into web pages which is extremely useful. With this, I have learned an easy way to make a web page. I believe it will be very useful in the future when I may need to get information out in the open.

††††††††††† All in all, I have learned a lot in CISB 11 and this class has truly opened my eyes to how great computers can be. The information I have learned will stay with me for a long time and will continue to be of use to me even after I exit the class. It has truly been a great experience.